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What our clients are saying...

During the construction of our new home, both my husband and I were recovering from operations, which prevented us from spending much time at the building site. Because we had complete confidence in Mr. Harbin's abilities and honesty we felt comfortable leaving the process in his hands.

Mr. Harbin was so easy and fun to work with and his work ethic above reproach. He gave great attention to detail and design and we are so happy with the suggestions he made, that we had never thought of, that added to design and comfort of our home. The project was also completed on time and on budget.

It was a pleasure to work with a man who has such integrity and knowledge as Mr. Harbin and we would highly recommend Harbin Construction to anyone looking for a contractor they could trust. My husband and I are very happy living in our new home.

- Mr. and Mrs. Norval Johanson

We are extremely pleased with the results of our new addition. From day one everything ran smoothly. All projects were completed on time. All of Pat’s subcontractors were prompt, polite, and great to work with. Most of all, the workmanship was the very best! The inspectors and subcontractors had nothing but praise. Pat had been a joy to work with, he is always willing to listen to new ideas and make changes all with a smile on his face.

- Ed and Linda FitzGerald
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Thank you Pat and crew and your excellent subs for building me the house of my dreams. You were so much fun to work with. You never told me no unless something couldn’t structurally be done and were eager to try my ideas. Therefore I got exactly what I wanted!

- Stacey Lathrop

As long as Pat Harbin is in business, he will be the only contractor I’ll choose to work on our historic home. He’s that good!

- Bonnie K. Long

Mr. Harbin was outstanding in terms of support and assistance throughout our remodel project. Our family was very appreciative of the quality and professionalism Mr. Harbin exhibited.

- Shawn M. Batstone

This letter is to let you know how much we appreciate the great job you did in building our house. We talked to and examined the work of 11 contractors before choosing you. We were and are very impressed with he quality of your work – not only the beautiful finish work which any home owner would notice, but also, those details which the average new hoe owner would not appreciate – for example, the dry mix for the footings, the rejection of header beams with wood not to your standards, etc.

In all, of the many cases, it was not a matter of meeting code, but your desire to build the best house possible for the money. At least 5 of the contractors whose work we examined really did not build quality houses, even though they met code. We also appreciate that you did not try to secure the contract with a “low-ball” initial bid and then keep adding additional expenses to cover our list of requirements.

The fact that you were continually at the site, participating in and monitoring all the work, was also a great advantage. We found you to be knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Thanks again and feel free to use this as a letter of reference, if you desire.

- Jim and Marilyn Sherman